For Women in Gasoline Culture

In Venus Veritas is dedicated to showcasing women in gasoline culture who ride, drive, fly or boat for themselves. These women are usually driven by a strong emotional connection to their gasoline powered machines and the lifestyle it affords. To give these women a place in the wider vocabulary of this world we've dubbed them the Petrolettes.  IVV also aims to provide useful, relevant content from many leading contributors in the scene with the aim to support the choices women make to sustain their gasoline powered lifestyle in pursuit of freedom, courage and self expression.

Heleana Genaus


Architect by training, communicator by necessity, beginner by design. Heleana has a passion for the motorcycle scene at large and its capacity to be a thriving, positive and supportive community. From her exposure both in reality and online, IVV became her brain child after searching long and hard for content that spoke to real women in a meaningful and beautiful way.

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Adrian Sheather - Rising Sun Workshop

A living example of someone keen to learn and knows what it means to "just start somewhere", Adrian offers his opinions and guidance in getting into the workshop and is passionate about seeing people get involved, surprise themselves with their own abilities and share their learnings. 

Cam Elkins - Stories of Bike

The man behind Stories of Bike, Cam shares a passion for telling people's stories of their lives on the road through images. IVV and Stories of Bike collaborate on the women whose stories he shares as well as shooting exclusives for IVV.

Erica Valenti - Throttle Doll

Between her mild obsession with scramblers, her convertible BMW "Brenda" and constant travel, Erica's lifestyle is very much influenced by gasoline. The official IVV fashion and lifestyle guide, Erica has a keen eye for fashion on the world platform, a good eye for vintage and believes women can look real good and be safe at the same time. 

Kate Disher-Quill - Photographer

Street style and portrait photographer, KDQ's photos are shaping the story of Sydney's motorcycle community through IVV and Rising Sun Workshop. Her documentary style offers a voyeuristic perspective from a place of light and love.