JULIA: Braap & Bob



To say this lady has got spirit is an understatement. 

After meeting Julia I left her sun drenched Bondi apartment in a total buzz, in love with life, proud to be a woman and to be uniting more women who ride. Juls was always attracted to dirt bikes as a teen back in London but it wasn’t until moving to Sydney and getting on an ex girlfriends Virago that her riding began. She really spoke honestly about how connected she likes to be with her bikes, and none of the bikes she rode in her seven years on the road really "felt right" until she laid eyes on her Honda XR400. It was love at first sight as she was reunited with her original excitement to ride. Her face lit up when she told me about finding the XR, she loved the sound, the ride, the look, just everything about it and it all made sense when I saw her with it. As soon as we got to the basement of her apartment the first thing she did was start it up and open the throttle, braap-ing the dust out of the place! This bike is just as bubbly, ready for anything and up for a good time as she is. 

Julias dad c. 1975.

Julias dad c. 1975.

Juls didn’t really have a threshold of fear to push through when learning to ride, her enthusiasm forit didn’t seem to leave much room for self-doubt. However she admitted, after a few near misses she realised what it took to be a good rider. Sighting the blind spots and quick take offs in Sydney traffic as important life-saving lessons.

Juls also introduced me to her Honda Rebel bobber that she customised herself with bolt on parts from Blue Collar Bobbers. An undertaking she embarked on after being rejected by motorcycle mechanics to employ her.  This is her easy rider, while it’s not the same love affair it is still a bike she enjoys riding, being lower to the ground, really leaning into corners and feeling more connected to the road. She explained it’s a really different mood set,  every time she rides it she feels [and rides] more calm, a stark contrast to the devil banshee mood her XR puts her in.

We had a great chat about what women love about riding, and for Juls it’s the mix of self expression, blatt-ing out tensions and being a little bit baddass which all make it fun and therapeutic. Some of us smash out a run or boxing class to express our grit, but riding gives her the same feeling of strength and inner power in a way that is true to herself. Something I think we could all relate to.

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