If it Doesn’t Run, Doesn’t Matter How Pretty it is


The Scarlet Headers founder Shelby Rossi noticed within the group there was a clear want to expand the intent behind their regular get togethers from planning their rides to learning more about motorcycles. Totally aligned with what she wanted to see women engage in, Shelby and the Headers are now using their project build to build their knowledge on motorcycles, together. They'll be meeting bi-monthly as they start to build the basis of understanding everything from what to look for when buying a bike through to customisation. They'll be documenting the lessons on their blog which we'll also be sharing here on IVV. With that, here is an introduction into the intent behind the build and the plan for its transformation.


A Scarlet Headers Bike Build

The Scarlet Headers meeting this month was a little different than usual.  Instead of chatting about all the great rides we are planning, the motorcycles we are riding, and catching up on all the recent happenings in each other’s lives, we were raving about TSH Bike Build.  The dreams of OG members Shelby and Abby are becoming a reality right before our eyes.  It’s an amazing time to be a part of a group of women dedicated to learning more, riding more, and supporting each other. 

So why do we want to rebuild a vintage motorcycle? The answer is more complex then we may have realized in the beginning.  Of course we want to be able to change our own oil, fix a flat, clean a carburettor, and so on; but this is more than that.  This is about dreaming of a bike fit for a woman.  Maybe a seat more narrow, possibly the shifter in a spot suited for a female, what about a glove box? 

As a collective group of women we will be discussing over weeks, months possibly, about what we like and don’t like about our own bikes. With 20+ Scarlet Headers who have different tastes, riding styles, and preferences you can imagine that there will be a shit load of great ideas, even some that will be contradictory of one another. However The Scarlet Headers' dream is to create a classic bike that appeals to many women - to learn how to build a bike from paper, execute those plans, and get a bike running.  That’s our number one goal.

The Bike

How do you decide to invest time and money into a bike? How do you know if the engine needs a rebuild? What type of diagnostics do we even start with? We are striving to learn all of this and more. To do this, a group of fearless and very patient men brave enough to teach The Scarlet Heads bike builds from the bottom up have lent a helping hand.  Justin Watson from Erico and Marc Hanchak from Ronin will teach with bi-monthly classes where we will learn the bike from the bottom up.  From an engine rebuild (if needed), to brake replacement, tires, oil changes, carburettor cleaning, etc. Jeremy Lacy with Down Shift studio helping with project design and illustration. Leads for the perfect project bike flooded in, but we unanimously voted on a 1973 red Honda CL350. 


To Give Back

Once we have successfully designed and built the very first vision of a Scarlet Headers motorcycle we want to share this with the community. The Scarlet Headers are independent, strong women who support each other, and this will be our way of bringing that attitude into our community.  Though we have no timeline for when the bike will be completed, once we have, we intend to raffle The Scarlet Headers project bike for charity.  Being able to support our community and be involved has been a vision of OG Scarlet Headers since day one.

Follow their progress on social media via #TSHProjectBike on Facebook, and Instagram.

This article was originally published on The Scarlet Headers blog.

The Scarlet Headers are an all-girl moto group from Denver, Colorado and long-time friends of IVV. Advocates for gear, safe riding, wrenching, community and knowledge sharing… and getting as many women involved as possible.