Capping off a month of motorcycle events here in Sydney was VICTORIOUS, an exhibition of motorcycle inspired photographs hosted by Sol Invictus Motorcycle Co. Photographers exhibited included Cole Bennetts, Billy Zammit and (IVV contributors) Cam Elkins (Stories of Bike), Kate Disher-Quill, and yours truly.

The place was packed, and was really nice to see some images made for the interwebs get the attention they deserved, printed and hung on the white walls of M2 Gallery in Surry Hills.  A little win for me was seeing more than half the images on the walls have been produced for (and featured on) IVV since the launch in December 2014. Better yet was the fact that most of that content was of women on motorcycles and all were chosen on the merit of the image rather than for the gratuitous-woman-shot. In the gallery, it looked really normal that women ride motorcycles... while I know that's not news to IVV readers, before IVV started, there may not have been any photographers in this exhibition who are women and shot women as they are.  

The Throttle Dolls also graced the walls in Billy Zammit's work which again enriched the female representation on the walls. 

While little sold, the Sol Invictus team are looking to ways to make the images available to view for sale again soon. Nepal is a special place for me personally and thus, Kate and I maintain our profits go to some good people in Nepal who will need our support for the months to come after the recent earthquakes.

Special thanks to Pete Cagnacci from the Throttle Roll co-hort for taking photos, giving me the night off to drink Alaskan Rock Vodka!

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