Red, White and Blue


After my little taste of dirt/grass track riding at Aftershock, Sydney, I've become totally obsessed with dirt track riding. I had to borrow armour for that weekend, so now easy wearing dirt track gear in on my radar. Recent Petrolette Tara Henry was encouraged into Dirt by her friends at the Deus Ex Machina in Venice, CA so a lot of her gear and bikes are from within the same crew. Deus and Ornamental Conifer collaborated on this light weight cotton shirt with dirt-track intentions called the OC/D Moto worn over her armour and tucked into her Troy Lee Designs GP Air Pants.

From Tara:

I actually find it very difficult to find comfortable ladies gear. Troy lee designs has the best fit for me. I love my Kriega water pack. Leatt armour and Pod MX knee braces. I wear men's jerseys because they breathe better. That one was an extra large!!! I normally rock Troy lee red white and blue. Fox has women's gear as well but I'm not a fan. My boots are fox and I have a pair of vintage Malcom Smiths.

For flat track I'd recommend a custom suit from Bates leathers. I won't race again (especially with my crash) without leathers.

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