Seen here on the back of a Honda with Izak Yee in Orlando

Seen here on the back of a Honda with Izak Yee in Orlando

Photographer (and all round legend) Kate Disher-Quill is currently on a solo adventure through the USA and Mexico. Readers will know her work well, it's ALL over this website... and so when she asked if there were any women she could capture for IVV while on her trip... I was like... ah... YES!!!! Trying to contain my excitement and not fill her trip with women was a challenge!

So far she has been having a blast! Meeting up with LA moto babe Lindsay Todd Merkle, hitting the dirt with Tara Henry. In Mexico she became an honorary member of Las Marias MC... and somehow lost her brunette tones to more superhero like grey/purple. 

Currently in Orlando Florida with IVV supporters and contributors Kristen Lassen and Leticia Cline before they head off on their Lost Latitudes road trip. Then there is The Scarlett Headers (yay!) and possibly more.

She's having a blast, capturing some incredible women and landscapes exclusively for IVV and possibly never coming back to Sydney.


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