The ladies behind screen printing company Hinterland Empire have rebirthed the Phoenix Project for the second year running. Trinia is an avid rider and loves custom culture, but not more than her local community, so when she saw an opportunity to fuse these two passions The Phoenix Project emerged.

Last year, with the incredible help of local members of the community who, with decades of applied knowledge in building motorcycles, customised a donated Honda Shadow (!!) into the square tanked, gold and black beast you see in the pics below. All the raffle ticket money went to support The Humboldt Meth Abuse Awareness Project.

Trinia admits that last year many thought she was crazy until they sold out the raffle to great success and built an impressive motorbike. This year, the volunteers are at it again and they have two donor bikes, a Ducati 748 and a 996 (!!!) with all raffle money going to support Humbolt County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). CASA advocate for children in court who have suffered abuse because they believe all children have a right to live in a safe, healthy, and secure environment. This important work is made possible by the help of volunteers and donations so buying a ticket not only helps their important work continue, you also get the chance to win a custom Ducati. Judging by last year's build, the 2015 Ducati "Franken-bike" won't disappoint.

To buy a raffle ticket, click here and enter "motorcycle raffle” in the options for a ticket to be sent to you, alternatively you can email Trinia at

Photos of the Honda Shadow from The 2014 Phoenix Project

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