THE PETROLETTES: Road Style Vol. 1


From left: Connie, Erica, Nina, Carina, Hannah, Julia and Kinga

From left: Connie, Erica, Nina, Carina, Hannah, Julia and Kinga

Often we get asked about the specifics of the gear on women we feature on IVV. Personally, we (Erica and I) have the same questions! When picking out my gear for riding, I’d much rather ask a woman (whose style and shape matches mine) where she got her armoured jacket rather than rely on crappy product photography and over enthusiastic reviews try sell me their poorly fitting mens wear for women (rant not over… if I have to see another busty model wearing fringed double-breasted leather under the “women” tab… I’m going to divorce the internet).

That said, thanks to my ever growing problem with authority… the whole mantra behind IVV is not to tell readers what they should be doing, but rather find their own way. So this is the first Volume of many “Road style stories” we’ll be featuring of Petrolettes we meet who have good advice, well worn gear and their own unique style.

When we put the call out, this round we had some help from IVV veterans The Throttle Dolls, previous Petrolettes Julia, Carina and Kinga. Also we managed to grab Hannah Smith, emerging female gear designer in Sydney and her classic cafe racer look along with Connie and her Harley-Davidson Ironhead 883 (an experienced rider and Throttle Doll freshman).

Each of these courageous women will be featured in their own style story with product information for your perusal as written by Erica and shot by KDQ.

And keep telling us what you want to read… we're listening.


Below is a sneak peek of what's to come ;)

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