The eponymous tree's magical branches bear apple-red Prada Gallerias - ready to be plucked by a passing motorcyclist on a custom Prada motorbike. A fantasy world of humour and elegance convey an untraditional sense of luxury.


A friend recently tagged IVV in Prada's latest campaign promoting their iconic Galleria bag and it sent me down a rabbit hole of luxury and fantasy as only will happen when one of the biggest luxury fashion houses teams up with photographer and director Autumn de Wilde ... AND throws a Triumph cafe racer and Bell Bullitt into the mix.

The rise of the fashion blogger (and their influence on trends) has evolved fashion into entertainment and thus major fashion houses are getting more responsive to the everyday reader. In teaming up with Autumn de Wilde, Prada have created a series of highly produced, comical, fantastical short films called The Postman Dreams where each film uses a different hand bag as the star. 

In The Tree, a beautiful blonde rides through the countryside on a 1971 Triumph Daytona 500 cafe racer by Crocetti Speciale (yes please!), wearing the retro Bell Bullitt and a whole lotta leather Prada (double yes please!) to knock a red apple Galleria bag off the tree and ride off (if only Prada bags grew on trees then I wouldn't need a cool € 1,650 to own one!!!).

I'd like to say the model did all the riding, but her stunt double was the one handling the vintage Triumph in the dirt, and while she is wearing an outfit that you would more likely see on a Vespa buzzing around the streets of Rome, at least she's fully covered, which is a looong way from fabricated images of women on motorcycles the fashion industry have tried in the past.

It's a beautiful campaign nonetheless and great to see a classy motorcyclist used to promote a fashion icon like The Galleria

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