LINDSAY: Everyday Adventure


Adventure. We all want it in our lives. We day dream about leaving it all behind for a simpler life. We want to see new things, be new people. That whole sense of adventure we seek is never where we are right now. It will happen someday, when I have the money, when the kids grow up, when I quit my job, when I rule the world… someday… never. For Lindsay she made a conscious choice to make sure life is one big adventure, everyday. That means saying “yes” to life, turning the everyday into adventures and her motorcycle is a conduit to that lifestyle choice.

Growing up encouraged to explore the great outdoors as a Pacific North-West native, Lindsay was exposed to something she loved at an early age. That said, adult life seemed to have other plans for maintaining that connection to both the outdoors and her spirit. After living in New York City and San Fransisco it wasn’t until she moved to Los Angeles and saw so many women riding that she was inspired to get her motorcycle licence. With a new lease on life, Lindsay was so excited to ride she bought her Triumph Bonneville and rode it from San Diego on the 405 highway (10 lanes at 80 mph !!) all the way back to Venice… crazy? absolutely! She and the bike survived unscathed and they’ve been inseparable ever since. She's since added a custom Thruxton 900 to the family!

When Lindsay mentioned her day job is as Sales Director for a multi-national technology company, I was really surprised. For someone so high powered in a male dominated field it struck me how extraordinary she is. There we were, chatting while she sat on her living room floor, so animated and cracking jokes, and yet there was this whole other side to her that was ambitious and professional. Lindsay rides her Bonnie to work and often finds men are surprised to see a woman arrive on a motorcycle (much less their boss). That said, I love thinking of her turning up to work, parking the bike, changing into heels, shaking out her helmet hair before walking into the office. From bike to business. On the way home, the ride is her ‘reset’ button.

For Lindsay, all her vehicles are there to aid her ability to not limit where she can go, from her Toyota Tundra, her custom Triumph and dirt bikes. A total Petrolette through and through. Whether road tripping through Europe or heading to IKEA, life is as fun as you make it.

Heleana is a force of nature. The founder of In Venus Veritas and The Petrolette, and a co-founder of Rising Sun Workshop. Heleana shares her love of vintage cars, riding motorcycles, and (not-so-secretly) dreams of flying planes and piloting a riva aquariva (a la Sophia Loren) very fast through the canals of Venice. Supportive and connected, community is her lifeblood, and she is as real as they come.