Women who Ride


Custom culture publication Ninety Nine Co. collated this article of social media heavyweights who share their love of motorcycling to their growing followers. IVV were invited to write the forward to pre-curse the ladies stories. Amongst the women sharing their stories of riding are Petrolettes Kinga and The Throttle Dolls filling the popular ranks. 

While women on motorcycles are not a new phenomenon, they seem to be growing in popularity and social media has facilitated this. We're now more connected than ever and able to self publish our own lives. So why not cheer each other on? It's easy to forget the prejudice women have been subjected to in the past with this new wave of women sharing their insights but if we're going to fully gain acceptance (so that websites like IVV need not exist) then we need to have each others backs and cheer each others success, whatever that looks like.

Heleana is a force of nature. The founder of In Venus Veritas and The Petrolette, and a co-founder of Rising Sun Workshop. Heleana shares her love of vintage cars, riding motorcycles, and (not-so-secretly) dreams of flying planes and piloting a riva aquariva (a la Sophia Loren) very fast through the canals of Venice. Supportive and connected, community is her lifeblood, and she is as real as they come.