TRACK DAY CLUB: Wakefield Park, Sydney


Founded in 2012, Track Day Club offers the chance for any drivers to test their wheels, set personal bests and let out their need for speed in what is a family friendly, safe and super fun event. IVV got the chance to participate last winter at Wakefield park and was blown away literally (as it was seriously windy) and figuratively by the approachable, well organized family run event. I went out to capture Yvette in her natural habitat as the co-founder of the club, however got totally swept up in meeting all the other enthusiasts, their cars and the excitement of trackside watching the friendly competition as racing enthusiasts try to take each other on the straight.

No macho antics, lots of female participants and a range of race classes from the hi-perfomance European class to the V8 supercharged holdens and utes and everything in between. Track day club operate all year round and have a dedicated womens' only track day that is growing in popularity. 

Every track day Yvette and her team (her family) ensure their is a professional track driving instructor to accompany any drivers in their passenger seat to get pro tips on how to improve their driving, cornering and race strategy. Track Day Club have all their bases covered. They book out fast so get in quick to ensure you get out there. I can't wait to get to the next one!

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