Smoking Section

Smoking Section


The world of Brashernats is mostly foreign to me: the cars are more famous than the drivers, helmets are mandatory and fire suits are recommended, points are awarded in burnouts for movement and smoke, extra points for tyre pop, driver control is given a look-in, and for some extra fun there’s a competition in the pits for most donuts in thirty seconds (and not the edible kind). Oh, and there is a show and shine (which requires more than the usual effort, what with the permeating smoke and rubber of the main event).

You’d be forgiven for thinking people spend money on their cars to drive them; some do it to watch them burn, in an incredibly loud and dramatic fashion, though sparks and fires don’t accumulate any extra points. One monstrous entrant at idle drowned out the roar of another mid-burnout; many tyres were sacrificed, some were spectacularly driven into walls.

In attending, seriously consider earplugs (unless you already suffer from industrial deafness), prepare for rubber to cover exposed body parts and fill your orifices, and ready your limiter finger (examples can be seen below).

Nice family fun.

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