Sparks Flying Among Friends


If you talk to enough people, you’ll end up having at least one conversation that goes something like: “I wish I could do (insert rad thing), but I haven’t because (insert lame excuse).” And then a bunch of time passes and life gets in the way, you get older and still haven’t done the thing.

I’ve always found friends good at keeping me accountable and motivated, whether it is your bestie bugging you about getting a skin check, or another one pushing you out of your comfort zone to take an unreliable vehicle on a road trip. You know how it goes. You can always get them back with surprise motorcycle training courses (this goes down a treat, unless you are talking to parents or significant others).

You could do like the dudes at Sol Invictus did and rope in a bunch of your friends to make magic happen. In only one night, under the watchful eye of a hundred people (drinks in hand), a new bike was customised, and we got to witness live grinding, welding, upholstering, pinstriping, and electrical voodoo. Makes you feel a little twinge thinking about that box of miscellaneous bike bits in your shed, right? Or that half finished project/pipe dream.

Go on, get your friends around. Worst case, they can pass you the tools.

Jo is a buxom redhead looking for adventure. She loves her motor children equally, and if you ask really nicely, she might let you take them for a spin. Easily distractible, but also easily obsessed, she is our Editor-in-Chief, resident proof-reader, and zany ideas lady. Caffeine is her fuel of choice.