LEAH: Alchemy


Leah Tokelove is young. Any web search will tell you how so, with a description in some likely combination of “only-woman-pro-flat-track-UK”. It could be argued that the youth have less fear (and usually less compounding physical ailments than the aged), and are therefore better suited to dangerous competitive sports, and Leah is taking full advantage of this, winning races left, right, and centre. In her spare time, she teaches the sport.

The people that inspire me are the ones who just go out and do cool shit & aren’t afraid.

Leah features in the Concrete Disco video for their song Alchemy, directed by Ed Andrews - check it out below. And keep an eye out for Leah because she’s going places… even if those places are mainly really fast around a dusty track.

Jo is a buxom redhead looking for adventure. She loves her motor children equally, and if you ask really nicely, she might let you take them for a spin. Easily distractible, but also easily obsessed, she is our Editor-in-Chief, resident proof-reader, and zany ideas lady. Caffeine is her fuel of choice.