Mad Max immediately comes to mind when describing Julia's style – it’s rough, tough and very cool and perfectly suits her brappy Honda XR400. Juls is a hot-chocolate drinking, screaming Banshee and abuses her motorcycle gear!  Her daily holy trinity (boots, helmet, jacket) includes: Rossi bucket boots, RJAYS full face helmet, Shift leather jacket with stretchy breathable seams under the arms (for that snug fit that's not restricting) which also has built in armour in the shoulders, elbows and back. Her legs adorned with her own approach to road rip testing "secondhand charity shop skinny's I probably ripped myself". Heaps a ’tude with this babe!

Erica is everyone’s support crew and personal cheerleading squad. A lover of all things moto and vintage, she is a red-lipped founder of the Throttle Dolls, splitting her time between her custom Sportster and her convertible BMW ‘Brenda’. As a regular IVV contributor, Erica shines a light on Petrolette road style, and standing on your own two feet when it comes to selecting vehicles, mechanics and gear.