Carina is an awesome example of dressing for your style while not compromising on safety. Her look is so strong it’s hard to tell it's protective gear. She rocks a Dainese jacket with armour, Deus Ex Machina gripping gloves, a full faced Simpson bandit helmet, Ugly Bros kevlar denim jeans and leather boots, which perfectly complement her Custom Honda VTR 250 that she built in close partnership with RB racing. Carina recommends stocking up on items if you are ever in the USA as the range is wider and the prices more affordable.


Protective gear needs to be comfortable for me. A jacket that has shoulder pads coming up that high while you're riding and prevents you from doing a head-check because your helmet hits them, [this] is a no no for me.

I went for the Ugly Bros because they don't look like your ordinary "big bum" kevlars, have removable pads for knees and hips and are again very comfy on and of the bike.

Look for something that you WANT to wear. We're all little posers deep down, so feeling safe and looking good at the same time is possible.

Erica is everyone’s support crew and personal cheerleading squad. A lover of all things moto and vintage, she is a red-lipped founder of the Throttle Dolls, splitting her time between her custom Sportster and her convertible BMW ‘Brenda’. As a regular IVV contributor, Erica shines a light on Petrolette road style, and standing on your own two feet when it comes to selecting vehicles, mechanics and gear.