A thrifty Doll, fashionista Nina is renowned for her ability to hunt out a stylish bargain, whether online or at a charity shop. Today Nina wears vintage Harley Davidson riding boots, Dr Denim Jeans and Jacket and Pacifico Optical sunglasses. Nina makes the vintage look her own by customizing the items she finds, as is seen here with her folded down boots. Her helmet is an open faced Bell and she is riding a Yamaha SR400.

Erica is everyone’s support crew and personal cheerleading squad. A lover of all things moto and vintage, she is a red-lipped founder of the Throttle Dolls, splitting her time between her custom Sportster and her convertible BMW ‘Brenda’. As a regular IVV contributor, Erica shines a light on Petrolette road style, and standing on your own two feet when it comes to selecting vehicles, mechanics and gear.