Connie recently changed from riding a Yamaha R6 (super sports bike) to a Harley Davidson Ironhead 883 and found her Dainese gear was no longer suitable for her new cruiser style but also not as comfortable given her new riding position. 

The lovely people at Suus in Melbourne sent us some gear to try and Connie was thrilled with the fit and comfort of the Richa Daytona leather jacket and Stylemartin Seattle motorcycle sneakers. Her jeans are proof that kevlar and cool are not mutually exclusive. 

Erica is everyone’s support crew and personal cheerleading squad. A lover of all things moto and vintage, she is a red-lipped founder of the Throttle Dolls, splitting her time between her custom Sportster and her convertible BMW ‘Brenda’. As a regular IVV contributor, Erica shines a light on Petrolette road style, and standing on your own two feet when it comes to selecting vehicles, mechanics and gear.